18 February 2016

So what's all this then?

Hi.  I'm your host here at Blue-Collar Keto.

Let's get right down to it, shall we?

I'm a simple human.  I'm not interested in spending wads of money on specialty ingredients or equipment like sugar replacements, spiralizers, $600 blenders, specialty flours, or whatever the new hotness is.  I am a person with kids and bills.  I have neither the time nor the spare cash for that.

I'm going to be collecting simple recipes for simple food here.  Regular stuff you can find at your regular grocery store.  Normal stuff that anyone can cook.

This is not a personal achievement blog.  Most posts will be text only.  I will not regale you with quirky and lightly humorous 1,100 word stories about what my kids did that day right before 14 different shots of the same plate of food from slightly different angles, then 12 more shots of the play-by-play, and maybe at the very end grace you with the actual recipe with 85 different social media sharing buttons with unkillable pop-ups that cover the actual content.

No, that is just not done here.

What I will do is format the recipes to fit my own personal meal planning spreadsheet and give you nutritional info from My Fitness Pal.

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